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All Purpose Cleaner

Holy Cow All Purpose Cleaner is Heavenly

5 star rating - all purpose cleaner
Found a new use for the cow!
March 15, 2014 By Misty

"I decided to open the pool and allow it to warm for the (hopefully soon) future! My pool pump and sand filter was, well, not looking so good. Grabbed the pink cow and BAM! looks like new! I sure love my cleaner!! Thank you Holy Cow for inventing something (finally) worth buying and KNOWING its going to work!!".

5 star rating - all purpose cleaner
I need to purchase more!
November 23, 2011 By Donna

"Must pass along "kudos" to "Moonique"! Had road tar on my vehicle and other product tried only smeared it around; had a small amount of your pink cleaner left and it worked!".

5 star rating - all purpose cleaner
September 26, 2011 By Anne

"I have also used it in my Bissell Carpet steam cleaner - It worked amazing on the carpet in the room where my neice kept her dog. I tell everyone I know about how well Holy Cow products work on everything!".

5 star rating - all purpose cleaner
Holy Cow !!! The best !
February 17, 2011 By maryphil

"This is great stuff, the best I have found. I use this on everything. It will even take off dry blood. It is also non toxic, bio degradeable.....so if you have little ones, it is safe to use. I spray this on my son's stained baseball pants, let it soak in and wash in hot water with a Cascade dihwahing gel pack. The pants have never been so WHITE ! Stains are gone. Try it !".

5 star rating - all purpose cleaner
Absolutely the Best!
May 14, 2010 By M. Cook

"Holy Cow makes short work of kitchen grease, shoe polish stains, grass stains, built-in grime, etc. I've gotten up old dried paint drops by spraying on Holy Cow and leaving it for about ten minutes. The paint just peeled off. My stainless steel sinks shine, my stove top sparkles and my bathtub has never looked better.

5 star rating - all purpose cleaner
WOW!!! It Really Really Works!!!
May 19, 2009 By B.J. Thomas

"I had what looked like cement spatters on my car. High pressure car wash did not remove them. Stumbled across this HOLY COW ALL PURPOSE CLEANER (for an excellent price), no chemicals and easy to use. Tried it and the spots are mostly gone. no dullness to the car finish, no streaking. So then tried it on my really lame white IKEA pressboard cabinets and for the first time in 5 years they are totally clean!!! Seriously, this is an incredible product and it does what promised for a great price and NO CHEMICALS!!!".

All Purpose Cleaner - Bathroom

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  • Just spray and wipe┬á
  • Cuts down on cleaning time
  • Ease of Use

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